Should I add multiple SPF records or create Single record..

Multiple SPF Records

A domain name cannot handle multiple SPF records. You will need to update the existing record or create a new record with multiple entries if you want to add more sources for more applications.

How to create an SPF record with multiple sources

You can use multiple sources to an SPF record, but the total length of the record should not be longer than 255 characters.

Reduce the number of lookups

The number of SPF lookups can be reduced by:

  • Sometimes there are duplicate mechanisms in the record, you can reduce the number of lookups by cleaning your record.
  • You can reduce the number of SPF lookup by using subdomains for specific flows gives you another 10 lookups for the SPC record for that subdomain
  • To reduce the number of SPF lookups, it is also advised to constantly check the included domains. Some senders update their usage of SPF quite often which results in your usage of an old SPF domain.
  • Use SPF macros (advanced) to reduce the number of lookups.

Too many SPF lookups? Use DNS delegation

If you have numerous SPF lookups, you can use SPF delegation tool to solve the problem of “too many lookups”, if you replace your existing policy with the DNS delegation tool policy. DNS delegation tool keeps the SPF record updated whenever there is a change in ESPs records.

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