Steps to enable DKIM in Microsoft Office 365

1. Login to the O365 admin panel

2. Go to your Defender account (Security).

3. On the portal, navigate and click on Policies & Rules under Email & Collaboration.

4. On the Policies & Rules page, select Threat policies.

5. Select Email Authentication Settings.

6. Now select DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to open the DKIM page.

7. On the DKIM page, select the domain you want to enable DKIM for (this is the domain you use to send outbound messages).

8. To begin the DKIM activation process, flip the Enable button.

9. To view your keys, simply click the Create DKIM keys button.

10. A pop-up will now display your DKIM records.

11. Click on the “Copy” button to copy records to your clipboard.

12. You would get an error where they provide you with some records that need to be placed in DNS. Those records look as below.
Host: selector1. _domainkey
Host: selector2. _domainkey

After updating those records in DNS. retry to enable it. DKIM will be enabled.


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