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BIMI Records

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Brand Your Emails with Legitimate Company Logo to Build Trust in Your Customers

Ensure the brand identity of your emails with GoDMARC's BIMI Checker. Our tool validates the authenticity of your BIMI record for a specified domain name, helping to enhance email security and brand recognition. Implement BIMI authentication to display your brand's logo in the email inbox, and support it with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols to reduce the risk of fraudulent emails. Strengthen your email authentication framework and protect your brand reputation with GoDMARC.

By implementing BIMI authentication, businesses can strengthen their email authentication framework, enhance email deliverability, and provide their customers with a better, more secure email experience.

Visit your DNS hosting for creating a BIMI record as a TXT record and add the SVG file url for your logo in it. Protect your brand reputation with GoDMARC's BIMI Record Checker, and ensure the authenticity of your emails with DMARC authentication. BIMI authentication, supported by a Verified Mark Certificate, can help you display your brand logo in the email clients of Google, Yahoo, AOL, and more.

  • BIMI authentication is an email authentication standard that allows businesses to display their brand logos in the email inbox.
  • BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification, and it is designed to enhance email security and brand recognition.
  • With BIMI authentication, companies can create a more legitimate and trustworthy email experience for their customers.
  • BIMI authentication works by validating that an email is from a legitimate sender, verifying the domain's ownership, and ensuring that the email content is consistent with the brand's image.

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