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Meet GoDMARC, To save your domain from spoofing and phishing attacks.

What is GoDMARC for Business?

Fight Email Spoofing, Phishing, and Vulnerabilities with DMARC.

Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is an accredited email authentication system developed to verify email authenticity by aligning the results of DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework). DMARC reports allow small and big businesses to promptly inform their customers that the email sent to them is scam-free, original, and trustworthy.

It allows business owners to maintain transparency with clients while keeping an eye on how their emails are circulating in the ecosystem and identifying any illegal use of the domain name.

  • 90% of cyberattacks take place via emails, and there is no way to tell between fake and real emails
  • DMARC fights email phishing, CEO frauds, compromises, ransomware, and spoofs
  • DMARC compliant email acts as email police and catches pretenders
  • Anti-spoofing technology enables operators to identify authentic emails amidst fake ones
  • Provides a complete control on your emails across all devices
  • Shields your business communication with 2-layer email authentication

Business Benefits of DMARC

DMARC technology provides a host of business advantages for companies of all sizes and shapes

  • Find who is sending emails using your domain name anywhere across the world
  • Disable unauthorized email domain use
  • Protect your customers from spamming, phishing, and other cyber attacks
  • Protect your email address and business domain
  • Secure your brand name from identity theft and imitation
  • Discover the original email in a matter of few seconds
  • Identify and eliminate threats and spammers in real-time
  • Track your domain emails’ activities
  • Protect your customers, employees, business partners, and teammates from email scams
  • Protect your devices from a ransomware attack and malware

How to Use GoDMARC?

DMARC simplifies email delivery and increases brand reliability with the help of established DKIM and SPF records. It also shows a strong networking connection via a robust Domain Name System (DNS).

You need not be a technical expert to understand and implement DMARC. GoDMARC’s comprehensive guideline makes the process easily understandable. Besides, we have a competent team of experts waiting to assist you on different cases, such as email security, brand reputation, email phishing, cyberattacks, and other email vulnerabilities. We offer secure DMARC services across the Globe for all business domains.

While DMARC implementation is not complicated, getting it done through an industry professional will deliver consistent and better outcomes. Besides having our backing, will give you 365-days DMARC support.

Steps to follow:
  1. Go to the GoDMARC website and check your DMARC records.
  2. Enter your domain name and send suggested DMARC Records to your email.
  3. Copy the suggested DMARC Records.
  4. Log in to your DNS hosting provider’s management console and add the new TXT record.
How DMARC Works

Why Businesses Trust GoDMARC?

While the primary functionality of DMARC is preventing email scamming and domain misuse, GoDMARC offers several organizational benefits

GoDMARC DMARC Visibility

Boosts Domain Visibility

You will get real-time insights on your domain visibility and usage across the internet, which can assist you in deriving future emailing strategies. Now access complete insights on all emails sent from your domain, such as:

  • Who is using your domain to send emails?
  • Who is sending emails to whom?
  • How many emails have the users sent?
  • How many emails have been authenticated as a legitimate source?
  • Which IP servers are misusing your domain for email phishing?
  • Get notified if the authentication system is broken and needs to be rectified.
GoDMARC Command over Domain

Gain Greater Domain Control

With GoDMARC, SPF, DKIM, and BIMI, you will have 360-degree control over your emailing facility, right from whom you email, who replies to you, and who forwards it. You can track email domain misuse in real-time.

Optimize Email Security

Phishing can lead to ransomware attacks, severe organizational data and business transactions. And once you are vulnerable, you will always be on the cyber-attack radar unless you add a layer of security across your emailing channel. DMARC acts as the additional security shield to your emails and prevents spamming, spoofed messages, and forgery.

GoDMARC Improve Security
GoDMARC Brand Recognition

Develop Brand Identity

Brand recognition is crucial in this daunting digital world. Competitors can easily sneak in and take your customers if you don’t have a good branding strategy. DMARC helps you improve your reputation in the digital realm with BIMI and SPF/DKIM. These advanced emailing standards make your brand stand out amongst the hundreds of emails your client receives each day with a digital signature and brand logo. As a result, you can instantly grab your customers’ attention and separate from spam.

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