Verify your SPF record in seconds with our free online SPF lookup tool

To confirm if your SPF TXT record is configured accurately, you can utilize our free SPF record checker, including an SPF validator. This tool assists in identifying any discrepancies or formatting mistakes that could impact email delivery, enabling you to promptly address them.

By creating a list of approved servers, you allow SPF records to recognize and verify emails sent from your domain. This is crucial for securing your email system and achieving reliable results. When combined with DKIM and DMARC records, SPF checks become even more powerful, offering complete email authenticity. This ensures the legitimacy of your emails and prevents spoofing.

Don't let email spoofers damage your brand's reputation and compromise the security of your email system. Use GoDMARC's SPF Record check and free SPF record checker to safeguard your domain and ensure that your emails are authentic and legitimate.

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