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Meet GoDMARC, To save your domain from spoofing and phishing attacks.

Protect Your Brand Reputation by Stopping Unauthorized Domain Usage

GoDMARC’s SPF Record proactively helps organizations safeguard their domains’ integrity and business name by setting up domain-level policies, such as publishing a list of servers that can send emails on behalf of your business domain. SPF records make it difficult for email spoofers to impersonate brands and carry out fraudulent activities.

The Sender Policy Framework Record Lookup tool will allow you to run a series of authentication tests to see if your SPF record has been established correctly by discovering inconsistencies and preventing formatting errors that cause deliverability issues.

The fundamental goal of establishing an authorized server list is to enable SPF record analyzers to identify the legitimacy of the emails sent to improve your domain’s deliverability rate and prevent malicious trespassers disguised as you.

When integrated with DKIM and DMARC records, it becomes essential in securing an email system that produces dynamic results.

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