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Do you wish to generate SPF record or want to test the SPF lookup for existing record? At GoDMARC we have answers to your needs with our state-of-the-art SPF lookup tool. With this you will be able to safeguard your emails’ reputation.

With our The SPF Record Checker diagnostic tool your organization would be able to check the existence of a SPF record. This is a state-of-the-art Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record lookup and validator took. Using our tool you will be able to look up for the existence of valid SPF for your domain name and if found the SPF Record would be displayed immediately. This is an important step in securing your email system along with DKIM and DMARC record.

It is extremely important for your organization to implement a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record as this allows you to publish a list of IP addresses that would be regarded as authorized to send email on your organization’s behalf. The ultimate goal in publishing SPF lookup record is to allow SPF record analysers to verify the genuineness of the emails that helps in improving deliverability and reduces the menace of spam. With this you will be able to reduce the instances of malicious senders disguising their identity and misusing your domain name.

What are the defined mechanisms in an SPF record?

The defined mechanism includes:

All Policy for ‘all the other sources’ can be set using the ‘all’ mechanism. This should be placed at the end of your SPF record while providing a ‘default’ for other sources. You should use a qualifier for defining the policy that has to be applied.
a Defines a record of the current or specified domain as an authentic sending source.
Include Only a single SPF record is allowed for a domain but with the "include" mechanism, multiple domains can be listed within that single record)
ip4 Defines the ip4 address
ip6 Defines the ip6 address
mx Defines the DNS MX record for the current or specified domain as an authentic sending source.
Exists This mechanism checks the existence of A record for a domain. In order to handle a match, these mechanisms may specify qualifiers including:
+ for pass,
- for fail,
~ for soft fail,
? for neutral
The defined modifiers include:
exp The ‘exp’ modifier is used for providing an explanation in case ‘–‘qualifier is present on a mechanism which is matched.
redirect This modifier is used when the organization has multiple domains and wants to apply the same SPF content across multiple domains. SPF records must limit the number of mechanisms and modifiers requiring DNS lookups to 10 per SPF check. In order to exceed the maximum number in a single SPF record, you are required to send some of the messages from subdomains beneath your naked domain.
How does SPF record help your email domain?

SPF helps in increasing the chance of your email landing in the inbox by building up the trust with ISPs. Along with DMARC and DKIM, it serves as an extra layer of security that reduces backscatter bounces and error notifications. Your email will be delivered without trouble as SPF ensures that your email is secured against any type of spoofing.

GoDMARC analyses your SPF record and provides a report that allows the experts within your organization to set the record appropriate for the organization.

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If you have any doubts and queries regarding setting up your SPF record or would like to use our SPF record checker, feel free to contact our team and we shall be happy to assist you.