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DKIM Ensures Your Emails Reach Your Client Destination without Tampering

The most common time hackers choose to breach security is when your emails are in transit on the server. This generally goes unnoticed as it takes place behind the scenes.

But with GoDMARC advanced security protocols, you can now have complete control over your business domain email system with an advanced DKIM record analyzer. DKIM uses an anti-tamper digital signature, a public critical cryptography approach that allows recipients to verify that the email is sent from a source or authorized email server.

DKIM supplements SPF, the primary email authentication protocol, as it does not entail any verification mechanism in itself. GoDMARC has a proven track record in providing comprehensive email security measures, comprising DKIM, SPF, BIMI, and Simulation Attack.

How does DKIM Works?

DKIM is a modern email security standard that powerfully secures the legitimacy of the emails sent and forwarded from your server. It would be best if you ran SPF Record Checker along with DKIM to offer a triple-layer shield to your IT systems. With DKIM technology in place, you can stop any security breaches between the sender and recipient servers.

  • It places public-key cryptography at the sender’s end, which allows the sender to use a private key to sign the email.
  • Then, a public key, preestablished at the recipient’s domain’s DNS, is run to validate the source of the sender’s message and make sure the email content is not modified in transit.
  • DKIM provides an additional security shield, which Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (STMP), the standard email transfer mechanism, lacks in its build.
  • The DKIM signature is generally attached to the header in a TXT format. A unique string of TXT is generated for each email sent.
  • Regardless of the type and size of the organization, DKIM proves beneficial in email networking and communication. Once the technology is enabled, your firm can fight phishing, password leak, data breach, spam mails, and spoofing.
  • DKIM can detect even a slight change in the email body and attachments and notify the recipient server immediately, preserving your business’s integrity.
  • Additionally, the digital signature and the authentication protocol are not visible to the end-user but electronically take place across the servers.
  • DKIM security protocol can be integrated with any business domain email infrastructure.
  • DKIM protocol does not impact the deliverability of the emails. Servers that do not support DKIM keys can also read DKIM enabled mails.

GoDMARC is India’s leading email security provider with years of expertise in implementing complete email authentication systems with DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) tool, coupled with SPF (Sender Policy Framework).

Why Do You Need DMARC, SPF, and DKIM to Optimize Your Security?

While DKIM provides a good protection layer, it is not a complete security protocol. You need DMARC and SPF to cover the loopholes.

  • SPF enables senders, i.e., you, to list the IP addresses allowed to send emails on behalf of your business domain.
  • DKIM provides a unique digital signature in the form of an encrypted key to verify whether the email sent from your server was forged or not by matching both keys.
  • DMARC is the latest technology that amalgamates DKIM and SPF mechanisms in one framework and allows senders to create policies on managing an email lest it fails authorization.

DKIM Business Benefits

In today’s business world, the importance of a business email account is grave. Most business communication happens over emails, including signing business contracts, providing order information, and sharing marketing campaigns. DKIM will prove to be a worthy investment for companies that rely on emails heavily. DKIM is a cost-effective, automated, easy-to-implement security technology that can help you build trust amongst your customers.

  • - Make Your Official Emails Legitimate: The DKIM Record Checker will make sure your mails appear legitimate and from an authoritative source for the client-server.
  • - Emails will Appear in Inbox: No matter whom you send your emails to, they will always land on the primary mail folder instead of Junk or Spam folders. This invariably boosts your marketing strategy and increases the sales conversion rate.
  • - Prevent Spoofing: Spoofing from trusted company domains have victimized many users with malicious attacks, like ransomware. Spoofing has alarmingly increased over the last few years. You can proactively stop it by implementing DKIM in your emailing system.
  • - Boost Branding: Over time, DKIM will help boost brand reputation by improving low spam and bounce rates.

GoDMARC is India’s leading email security provider with years of expertise in implementing complete email authentication systems with DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) tool, coupled with SPF (Sender Policy Framework).

DKIM Selector: How it Helps Combat Malicious Emails and Ensure Secure Communication

In the modern world of email communication, security is a critical concern. Malicious emails that contain spam, phishing, or malware can cause significant harm to individuals and organizations alike. However, a technology called DKIM, or DomainKeys Identified Mail, has emerged as a powerful tool to help combat this threat.

DKIM works by allowing a domain owner to sign their outbound messages with a special key. This key is known as the DKIM selector and is included in the DKIM signature that is attached to the message. Receiving mail servers can then use this signature to verify that the message was indeed sent by the domain owner and that it has not been tampered with in transit.

The process of DKIM authentication begins when the receiving mail server retrieves the DKIM signature from the incoming message. The server then extracts the DKIM selector from the signature and retrieves the corresponding public key from the domain owner's DNS records. The server can then use this key to validate the signature and determine whether the message is legitimate.

By using DKIM authentication, domain owners can protect their reputation and ensure that their messages are not mistakenly flagged as spam or malicious. Moreover, they can prevent malicious actors from impersonating them and sending malicious emails that appear to come from their domain.

In conclusion, DKIM authentication is a powerful tool that helps protect against malicious emails. By using a DKIM selector to sign their outbound messages and including this signature in their email, domain owners can ensure that their messages are trusted and not marked as spam. With DKIM, we can all enjoy a safer and more secure email experience.

GoDMARC DKIM Record Checker is a part of our DMARC technology. Implement it today and arrive at great results.

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