DKIM Ensures Your Emails Reach Your Client Destination without Tampering

By verifying the DKIM signature, recipients can ensure that the email has not been altered in transit and that it originated from an authorized source.

DKIM plays a crucial role in email authentication and security, working alongside SPF and DMARC to provide a comprehensive framework for protecting email communication.

The DKIM authentication process begins when the receiving mail server extracts the DKIM signature from the incoming message. It then identifies the DKIM selector from the signature and retrieves the corresponding public key from the domain owner's DNS records. Using this key, the server validates the signature to verify the message's authenticity and integrity.

DKIM authentication helps domain owners protect their reputation by ensuring their messages are not incorrectly marked as spam or malicious. It also prevents malicious actors from impersonating them and sending harmful emails that appear to originate from their domain.

GoDMARC DKIM Record Checker is a part of our DMARC technology. Implement it today and arrive at great results.

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