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What is BIMI?

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is an updated email standard that helps in resolving the issue of web impersonators. When this email standard is implemented it would allow your company to display your brand’s logo on the email. Your brand’s logo appears alongside the subject in a user’s Inbox and helps in authenticating your email. This earns trust of the users immediately and is known to improve readability rate.

BIMI is one of the most popular standards used for verifying information of your brand. When implemented with other email verification systems such as DMARC, DKIM, and SPF it sends a strong signal to the recipient that the source of the email is genuine. While the DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records are authenticated at the sever level BIMI is visible to the end users. BIMI record analyser helps the recipient email server in locating your company’s logo. Since the brand and its logo appear on the mailbox provider list your emails appear legitimate to the recipients.

How does BIMI Work?

The working mechanism of BIMI is simple. Once our team has implemented BIMI record recipient email servers would review the DNS records of sender domains. This is done to verify the existence of a BIMI record checker. When your organization has implemented BIMI, the recipient server would use the BIMI lookup and fetch a URL link to your organization’s logo to display next to the message in the inbox. It is important to note here that for the BIMI logo to appear your server (sender) would need to pass DMARC authentication.

Why BIMI is Important?

BIMI is a relatively new concept which has been around for the last few years but it holds immense potential for your band. Here are few reasons your brand should immediately implement Brand Indicators for Message Identification –

  • Brand Identity – By displaying your brand’s logo alongside your email your organization would improve its brand identity. Your logo and brand name would register in the minds of the user and this would help your business in the long run. This will keep your organization always in the minds of the recipients.
  • Stand Out – In a long list of emails displayed in the Inbox those with logos next to the subject line immediately stand out. Your emails would thus be able to grab attention of the users immediately and offer you more mileage than rest of the emails.
  • Customer Trust – Users tend to look for indicators when it comes to distinguishing between spam and genuine emails. Here your brand’s logo serves as important factor that instills confidence in the minds of the users. With this you will be able to gain customer’s trust more easily than a generic looking email.
  • Improve Brand Enjoyment – The success of any email campaign is judged by the level of engagement with the intended recipients. With BIMI implemented more emails are likely to be opened by the users than without them. This helps in boosting the engagement rate and can also improve your conversation rate.

Why we need Brand Indicator ?

GoDMARC Breand Identity
Brand Identity

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Consumer Trust

Gain customer trust by showing a company’s genuine logo with authenticated emails.

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