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Meet GoDMARC, To save your domain from spoofing and phishing attacks.

BIMI implementation offers two important key business advantages –
Security and Marketing.

  • Boost client security and cultivate a healthy customer list by enabling clients to identify frauds as soon as mails arrive to their inbox.
  • Increase email delivery and readability rate by adopting DMARC and setting up BIMI, DKIM, and SPF.
  • Cultivate brand recognition and improve user experience by displaying your company logo to all potential customers.

How does BIMI Works?

BIMI is a TXT record, present in your domain server (DNS), that works alongside DMARC, SPF, and DKIM email authentication standards to inform the recipient of your emails that you are you and not an imposter posing as you. BIMI enables you to display your brand logo when your emails land in other inboxes.

To incorporate BIMI your server must pass GoDMARC authentication, you must deploy the DMARC policy with either Reject or Quarantine Stage, and SPF and DKIM must be authenticated for your business email domain.

BIMI text record comprises the location of your company brand logo, in the form of a square .SVG tiny 1.2 image format. With the help of BMI Record Analyzer, the recipient email server can detect your company logo.

And as the brand logo displays on the recipient's mail provider list, it provides the recipient a good reason to believe that you are mindful about the types of emails sent from your domain and that you are a reputed brand with a trusted email server.

As your brand logo becomes easily recognizable, you will further achieve two more objectives – boost email engagement and evade the risks of cyberattacks and impersonation.

BIMI is implemented at the end-user level and hence, is visible to the end-users. On the contrary, DMARC, DKIM, and SPF are deployed at the server level.

GoDMARC is for Your Business Domain-Email Security

GoDMARC – Email security expert has advanced knowledge and a team of experts for implementing business-oriented BIMI standards to help evade cyberattacks and low email deliverability. BIMI, along with DMARC, SPF, and DKIM deployment, can put your brand in center and front for your clients. Whether you use email as your primary business communication and networking tool or for keeping your customers updated with email marketing campaigns, GoDMARC's comprehensive solution will be a great fit within your budget.

BIMI's working mechanism is quite straightforward. After our email security experts incorporate the BIMI record, the recipient's server verifies the DNS record of your domain. Upon verification, the recipient server retrieves the link to your brand logo and places it next to your email in the inbox.

Why is BIMI Crucial for Businesses?

BIMI is an Emerging Email Verification Concept that Not Only Provides Security but also Builds Trust in the Process.

BIMI has several growth potentials for firms that rely primarily on emails for networking and marketing. They include:

Key Benefits of BIMI Implementation

GoDMARC Breand Identity
Branding and Promotion

Place your logo next to your email subject line to develop brand credibility.

GoDMARC Consumer Trust
Trust and Engagement

Genuine logo boosts customer trust, which improves customer engagement rate.

GoDMARC Logo Recognisation
Easy Brand Recognition

Approved logo protects your brand from forgeries

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