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Why is SPF Crucial for Businesses?

SPF Email Authentication System is Not an Option Anymore, but Rather an Important Standard in Email Marketing

Due to the increasing cases of email phishing and ransomware attacks worldwide, ISPs have established the strongest security protocols to prevent forgers from sending fake emails. The ISPs security checks automatically flag illegal or suspicious messages as ‘SPAM’ or alert the recipient when the incoming mail’s credentials are not validated.

If your emailing system does not incorporate SPF authentication, your emails will most likely land in the SPAM folder and hurt your networking and marketing. Therefore, if you wish to optimize your email campaign results and orevent spoofing attacks, implement GoDMARC’s SPF validation tool.

Learn About SPF Hard Fail and SPF Soft Fail

It is important to understand these two terms before implementing SPF.

In certain scenarios, an email can land in a customer’s spam folder despite SPF implementation. This SPF failure happens when the SPF record checker cannot locate the sender’s IP address in your listed record. This could happen in two case scenarios – Hard fail and Soft Fail.

SPF Hard Fail

Example of SPF Hard Fail:

v=spf1 ip4: -all

In the above case, the minus sign (-) before ‘all’ indicates that all emails from senders whose IPs are not listed in the SPF record shall be deemed as ‘Hard Fail,’ i.e., unauthorized, and should be discarded immediately. Mails from the IP address '5:162:178.2.3' only shall be considered legitimate and must be validated.

SPF SoftFail

Example of SPF SoftFail:

v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com ~all

In the above case, the tilde sign (~) indicates that all IP addresses that are not listed on the SPF record created by you shall be considered ‘SoftFail,’ i.e., categorized as ‘SPAM’ or ‘Suspicious’ and would be notified to the recipient. In the above case, the SPF record authorizes the sender SMTP server to send mails. Emails coming from other domain servers other than listed source shall be categorized as SPAM.

Note: The recipient server may not honor the request despite your notification.

Emails are the most powerful and affordable marketing and business communication tool that is virtually indispensable. However, if your emailing system is not upgraded and robust, it could sever your business reputation with a single email in SPAM.

SPF and GoDMARC is an affordable solution that you must seek to make your business email domain remain anti-forgery lifelong.

We implement the world's best SPF protocols effortlessly and prevent spoofing.

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