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DKIM Records

Authenticate Your Email’s Legitimacy So that Its Message Does Not Alter in Transit

GoDMARC accessible DKIM technology protects message legitimacy by configuring the email server with a unique DKIM digital signature for the emails you send. The emails are verified in transit by the recipient servers through the DKIM key pair, alternatively known as private and public keys, placed on the sender and receiver’s DNS, respectively.

DKIM Keys acts like a watermark that helps the recipient servers recognize that the email has come from your domain and has not been tampered with.

DKIM record makes your brand messages legitimate and streamlines spoofed emails identification. DKIM mechanism works in real-time. Additionally, your recipient server can still validate user emails without incorporating DMARC or DKIM solutions.

DKIM system validates domain identity and allows users to take additional measures, like reject, deliver, or quarantine the arriving mail.

Domain Key Identified Mail Record Look Up verifies the DKIM selector, stated in your signature header, which shows you the location of the Public Key of the DKIM Keypair in the DNS. The tool tests the domain name and selector to validate published DKIM Keypair.

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