simultation attack

Make Your Email Server Battle-Ready with Robust Email Authentication Strategies

Simulating business attacks in real-time can help you protect your brand interest and mitigate cyber wars

Simulation Attack Fact Check

  • Helps your business from email phishing by training your employees to detect approaching attacks
  • It helps understand the firm’s capabilities in its security operations
  • Keeps your brand name and company reputation intact
  • Prevent ransomware, malware, phishing, forgery, hacking, password leak, data breaches, downtime, and many other IT faults
  • Attack simulation at GoDMARC helps you understand and eliminate the tricks and methods used by criminals to hack and access sensitive data from your servers
  • Attack simulation tools run 24/7 and alert you when there is even a slight change in the network server

How Simulation Attack at GoDMARC Helps You?

In this digitally evolving world, where brands and customers mainly interact digitally, over mails, companies must upgrade their security systems and employee knowledge with the latest techniques and industry protocols.

Attack Simulation is an essential up-gradation technique that all firms must follow.

  • GoDMARC email security tools can simulate several realistic cyberattacks, including the dreadful phishing attack with a few clicks
  • Our expert solutions can help you find the loopholes in your system at the right time to mitigate risks
  • You can filter and seek through different types of attacks in real-time for replication
  • Access and generate action reports of your employees
  • Employees can identify and reject unverified emails and report potential scammers to superiors and customers immediately
  • We train your employees for cyberwar and also provide great insights on industry best practices to protect IT and hardware and brand names proactively
  • We set up custom protocols based on business needs so that you can take appropriate action for any cyber-security threat

Rest assured, GoDMARC security experts constantly keep track of cyber-criminals latest modus operand and simulate them in scheduled mock attacks.

simulation attack

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