How to Select DMARC Software Solution to Protect Your Business from Email Spoofing?

DMARC Software Solution

In this article, we list some of the features which are MUST HAVE for your DMARC software solution.

In a world where spamming and phishing activities are on the rise, it becomes crucial for businesses to authenticate all the outbound emails so that all the communication from you to your customer becomes legitimate. This is where DMARC assists organizations.

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message authentication, reporting and conformance. It is an email authentication and reporting protocol, where you can authenticate the emails sent from your domain and also make a decision if questions arise on legitimacy.

Let’s look at some of the necessary features your DMARC solution should have if you want to protect your domain from spoofing attacks and improve email deliverability.

DMARC Reports

DMARC reports inform the domain owner regarding the emails sent from their domain which are authenticated against SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail). These reports are in XML format are helpful in regularly reviewing the IP addresses sending emails on your behalf and can be crucial in preventing spammers.

DMARC reports contain the following info:

  • Servers and IP addresses sending email on your behalf.
  • Info about servers passing and failing DMARC
  • DMARC policy action taken on un-authorized emails from your domain: ‘none’, ‘quarantine’, ‘reject’.

Another important feature your DMARC report should contain is exporting to PDF format. With the best DMARC solution, it is settling that you can export lengthy XML reports into PDF format, a user can either convert them into PDF format on-demand or can schedule timely delivery of these reports over email.

Encrypted DMARC reports

Since DMARC reports contain confidential data of emails that failed DMAC, please make sure that your DMARC solution contains the encryption feature of DMARC reports. At GoDMARC, user privacy and protection of sensitive data is of utmost importance to us, we provide best in class encryption of DMARC reports only accessible by authorized users.

DMARC Dashboard

In a fast-paced environment of a workplace, checking DMARC reports frequently and monitoring DMARC policy becomes a tedious task and consumes plenty of time, which can be dedicated to other resources. At GoDMARC, we provide the DMARC dashboard feature which displays the complete email ecosystem of your domain with emails passing and failing DMARC in the most effective and efficient way.

A solution to SPF’s 10 DNS Lookup Limit

SPF records can only lookup 10 DNS at a time. In an environment where the company has a wide range of operations and is on a growth trajectory, it is unquestionably going to exceed the limit and encounter SPF PermError: too many DNS lookups. This leads to SPF invalidation on the receiver’s side since SPF records are not updated on the new IP addresses email service providers are using. When looking for a DMARC software solution, make sure that it contains the feature of a Dynamic SPF Flattener which is a refined and better solution to multiple DNS lookups.

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