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SPF services

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a technology-based email-authentication technique. It is used to stop spammers from sending messages on behalf of your domain. It is with the use of SPF record, an organization can publish authorized mail servers.

The importance of SPF Report Analyser

A SPF record is an important tool and the process to evaluate the percentage of the result expected out of the SPF services implemented for a particular client. SPF is similar to DMARC. It is an email authentication technique that uses DNS (Domain Name Service). As an email sender, it provides you, the ability to state which email servers are permitted to send emails on behalf of your business domain.

It is necessary for a SPF service provider to check the email threat on regular basis using the extremely dependable SPF report analyser.

SPF email authentication

  • SPF is a process to stop email sender address forgery.
  • The SPF record of a domain can be easily analysed

The purpose behind SPF email authentication is to achieve some level of defense against fraudulent emails including spoofing and phishing. The objective here is to build a recipient’s trust in receiving email from one or more domains. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) today is a primary form of email authentication.

It is because SPF is tied specially to the path the message followed to cover from its origin to its destination SPF is deemed to be a path-based authentication system.

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