Navigating Email Threats with Clarity Using Our Advanced DMARC Dashboard 

godmarc dashboard

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, safeguarding your organization’s email communication is non-negotiable. Email threats continue to grow in sophistication, requiring a comprehensive and intuitive solution.  

Key Features of GoDMARC Dashboard 

Sync up calls   

At GoDMARC, our dedicated DMARC specialists are committed to ensuring the success of every customer and partner. We go above and beyond to provide ongoing support, including regular sync-up calls, to foster a deep understanding of our DMARC Dashboard, facilitate Knowledge Transfer, and address any gaps in email authentication.  

Push alerts   

We value our customers’ time, which is why we’ve developed an advanced reporting dashboard. It not only detects significant events but also ensures you stay well-informed about any changes to your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. In addition, a daily DMARC Summary report is automatically sent to your IT Team.   

Professional Management Services   

We are dedicated to safeguarding your email inbox against fraudulent and spoofed emails. We achieve this through our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality services to our valued customers, ensuring the highest email security and trustworthiness.   


Your journey begins with a guided tour by one of our experts who will introduce you to the GoDMARC platform. During this initial step, you will gain a comprehensive overview and valuable insights into effectively utilizing the GoDMARC platform, setting the foundation for your experience.   


Our cutting-edge systems and highly skilled GoDMARC experts employ continuous 24/7 monitoring to identify all sending sources comprehensively. This includes robust detection mechanisms to spot unauthorized senders attempting to impersonate your organization, ensuring your email security is top-notch, and safeguarding your online identity.   


Our meticulous process guarantees that your emails successfully pass DMARC validation by aligning both SPF and DKIM authentication.  

Policy Enforcement   

After aligning SPF and DKIM, our experts recommend progressing to DMARC Policy Enforcement, starting with ‘p=quarantine’ and eventually moving to ‘p=reject’ (Quarantine/Reject). This strategic transition, combined with SPF and DKIM Strict alignment, fortifies your email authentication, enhances email security, and minimizes the risk of phishing and spoofing attacks.   

DMARC Compliance   

Congratulations! Your domain is now shielded against email phishing attacks with p=reject, ensuring robust email security and peace of mind.  


In the relentless battle against email threats, clarity is the key to an effective defence. Our Advanced DMARC Dashboard stands to illuminate the path to enhanced email security.  

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