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SPF Services

SPF abbreviated form of Sender Policy Framework is used as an authenticator. A process designed in a user-friendly format taken into use for email validation. SPF Lookup tool is easy to use – Check Here It readily identifies the spam messages, phishing emails, viruses, any other harmful agents used to attack the email ID. The SPF email authentication works to strengthen the businesses by securing the email messages from attacks of phishing, spoofing, etc. Read more on SPF

What do SPF services offer to the user?

It allows the email sender to circulate policy citing the authorized IP addresses which can send emails for a particular domain. It directly helps in improvising the email delivery which is sent for business purposes. Many popular servers like Yahoo, Google, and Hotmail uses the SPF email authentication services. 

Who gets the most benefit of using SPF services?                     

Businesses which run email campaigns and need to send bulk messages. The service prevents the emails from getting marked as spam by authenticating it.

How SPF works?

Sender Policy Framework has a record of mail servers for domain and sub-domain which are authorized. The user needs to list the complete mail servers in the SPF record which is used to send emails. So, this way it becomes possible to identify spam messages coming from an unauthorised source. SPF Lookup tool is free to use.

Do not get your business impacted. Protect your domain from harmful actions like spam, viruses, and other cyber-attacks.                                                                                    

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