DKIM Keys act as Additional Layer of Security

DKIM Services

DKIM or Domain Keys Identified Mail is an authentication technique that is designed to improve security for the senders and receivers of the email. DKIM services are more like an encrypted digital fingerprint or signature which is used to authenticate the credentials of email traffic. It provides a method through which the businesses and marketing campaign reaches to right people without any change in the original content.

Why you need DKIM email authentication?

The most obvious benefit of DKIM is an additional layer of security, which helps in reaching to right people without your e-mails getting dropped in spam folder. Moreover, positive DKIM identification will gives an assurance of DKIM email authentication which gradually enhances the chances of successful delivery as well.

Your business brand identity also enhances, all the mails are generally sent from on behalf of your own company name and while creating email campaign in your account. You can select your own email address that will appear as the ‘from’ address in the inbox. But in case you select custom DKIM you can replace the reference to and can mark your campaigns as coming from your own brand identity which in turn is beneficial during online marketing campaigns.

A customised DKIM is more beneficial for your business as it will help you to identify your company on any online views of your campaigns. You can also track links and on your unsubscribe/preference pages and can make the next online marketing strategies according to make your business more successful.

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