Google launches BIMI pilot to bring Brand logos to Gmail, DMARC

Google’s BIMI Pilot

In this digitally driven world, maintaining trust and authenticity is vital. In recent times, Google has taken a significant step forward in this direction with the launch of its BIMI pilot. This pioneering initiative aims to bring brand logos to Gmail, reinforcing sender identity and bolstering email security through DMARC.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the implications of Google’s BIMI pilot, its collaboration with DMARC, and the benefits it offers for both businesses and recipients.

Implications of Google’s BIMI Pilot

1. Unveiling BIMI and its Significance:

BIMI is one of the crucial security protocols that enables brands to display their logos alongside email messages. This visually authenticates the sender’s identity, instilling confidence in recipients and minimizing the risk of phishing attacks and email spoofing.

2. The Power of Visual Identity:

With BIMI, businesses can leverage their logos as visual indicators of authenticity, visible right in the recipient’s inbox. This visual cue builds trust and engagement, as recipients can immediately recognize the legitimacy of the email’s sender.

3. The Synergy with DMARC:

BIMI operates in conjunction with DMARC, a widely adopted email authentication protocol. DMARC verifies the authenticity of an email by matching the sender’s domain with its published DMARC policy, ensuring that only legitimate emails reach the recipient’s inbox.

4. How the BIMI Pilot Works:

In Google’s BIMI pilot, brands need to implement DMARC at a “quarantine” or “reject” policy to participate. Upon successful DMARC implementation, brands can upload their validated logo to a BIMI logo repository. When a recipient receives an email from a participating brand, Gmail fetches the logo from the repository and displays it alongside the email.

What are the Benefits for Brands?

Brands participating in the BIMI pilot stand to gain several advantages:

  • Enhanced Email Visibility: Logos increase email visibility, facilitating immediate brand recognition.
  • Trust Building: Visual authentication reinforces brand trust, driving higher open rates and engagement.
  • Phishing Mitigation: Displaying logos minimizes the likelihood of phishing attacks and email spoofing.

What are the Advantages for Recipients?

Recipients benefit from BIMI as well:

  • Quick Authenticity Verification: Logos provide recipients with a quick and reliable way to verify the sender’s identity.
  • Reduced Phishing Risk: Displaying logos discourages malicious actors from impersonating brands, reducing the risk of falling for phishing scams.

Considerations and Future Implications

While BIMI and DMARC offer robust security measures, implementation requires technical expertise. Brands must ensure their domains are correctly configured with DMARC policies to fully leverage BIMI’s benefits. As the BIMI pilot progresses, it has the potential to reshape the email landscape, setting new standards for email authenticity and brand communication.

Preparing for a More Secure Future

Google’s BIMI pilot signifies a pivotal step towards enhancing email security and authentication. By incorporating visual elements such as logos alongside email messages, businesses can foster trust, thwart phishing attempts, and enrich the recipient experience. While the BIMI pilot is currently limited to Gmail, its success could potentially encourage other email providers to adopt similar initiatives, resulting in a more secure and authentic email ecosystem.


In an era where email authenticity and trust are paramount, Google’s BIMI pilot offers a promising glimpse into the future of email communication. By seamlessly integrating brand logos alongside emails through the synergy of BIMI and DMARC, DKIM & SPF businesses can establish their legitimacy. GoDMARC is here to secure your domain promising a brighter and more secure future for all. Get a 10-day free trial to avail our phenomenal services. 


Q1. Can BIMI prevent all email-based threats?

A. While BIMI, in collaboration with DMARC, is effective in preventing email spoofing and some phishing attacks, it may not eliminate all types of email-based threats. It is recommended to adopt a multi-layered approach to email security.

Q2. How can brands participate in the BIMI pilot?

A. Brands can participate in the BIMI pilot by implementing DMARC with a “quarantine” or “reject” policy and uploading their validated logo to a BIMI logo repository. They can then reap the benefits of enhanced email authenticity and brand recognition in Gmail.

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