What is a BIMI Record?


What are BIMI and BIMI Records?

BIMI Records (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is a new standard that can curb the issue of online impersonators. Major companies are using emails to communicate with their customers. However, without a proper email verification method, email receivers (customers) have no assurance that the emails they get are indeed from a legitimate brand. As a result, sometimes they leave such emails unopened, as they fear fraudsters may be trying to con them. BIMI is a new standard that enables you to include your company’s logo alongside the emails you send by adding BIMI Records and DMARC Records. That way, your brand stands out among other emails, and your customers are sure that the emails are legitimate.

How does BIMI operate?

If you include the company’s logo in your emails, your subscribers will trust the origin of your emails and will be more prone to open them. Like other sender verification methods like DMARC, SPF, and DKIM, BIMI is a text record you store on your server. When your message is delivered, the recipient’s email service searches your BIMI text file.

After verification, the BIMI record helps the email service locate your company’s logo, pulling it to the recipient’s inbox. The logo does not appear as part of the email. Instead, it appears on the mailbox providers. Fraudsters cannot place a similar logo in that part of the email. Thus, receivers can recognize genuine brands. This article is meant to help you understand how to implement a BIMI record and make your emails stand out among the others in the receiver’s inbox.

Benefits of BIMI

  • In addition to providing a centralized method that works across multiple mailbox providers, BIMI also has direct benefits for your email program.
  • Firstly, if you have implemented BIMI successfully, you will have greater control over how your logo appears in your subscribers’ inboxes. In return, your subscribers will also enjoy a better experience of easily recognizing your brand with the logo displayed next to your messages in their inboxes. It is a win-win scenario!
  • Ultimately, that brand recognition increase can potentially boost open rates, given the right messages were sent to the right subscribers, as subscribers tend to open a message if they know exactly who sent it to them.

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