Add DMARC Records in DNS Hosting


On this page, you may find a comprehensive way to publish a DMARC record. Follow the step-by-step guide to Add DMARC Records in DNS Hosting. A DMARC record defines the foundations for your DMARC implementation and may be published into your DNS. A DMARC record contains the DMARC policy that informs ISPs (like Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo! etc.) if a website is ready up to use DMARC. DMARC Analyzer will aid you to get your own custom DMARC record with our DMARC Record Generator. A DMARC record must be published into your DNS by your DNS manager. This may be an inside role in your organization, you’ll be able to have access to a dashboard provided by your DNS provider yourself otherwise you can ask your DNS provider to publish the record.

More Information on Why you should Deploy DMARC

After generating your DMARC record you should follow these simple steps to Add DMARC record in DNS Hosting:

Step 1- Login in to your control panel.

DMARC vendors

Step 2- Click the ‘Add Address A Record’ button to add more ‘A’ records.

Add DMARC Records

Step 3- Below is the list of TXT Records. Click the “Add TXT Record” button to add more ‘TXT’ records. Alternatively, you may click on any row to manage the corresponding ‘TXT’ record.


Step 4- Fill in the form to add a TXT Record

GoDMARC Records

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