What is BIMI and Why You Need It for Successful Email Marketing

bimi for email marketing

Email marketers are constantly looking out for devising techniques and methodologies to get better visibility in front of subscribers in an organic manner. BIMI can help achieve that. With the massive shift toward digitalization and technological advancements, every organization has its online presence but not every business is seen that much on the internet. In order to achieve that BIMI services come into play.  

In the competitive business environment, online visibility is most crucial and every organization desires to have its email opened. Verified market certificate BIMI can assist you in doing that. With surging cybercrimes, threats to online businesses have increased massively and in order to protect your business’s reputation, a BIMI record generator and BIMI record checker are a must.

What is BIMI? 

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. In layman’s language, it is a means through which an organization can showcase its logos in the client’s inbox. This will help build trust with the client as the initials or avatars of the sender will be clearly visible. 

Different from various other email security protocols, BIMI lookup is a more straightforward way of brand identification. It is hard for fraudsters to imitate such forms of brand identification methods, hence, keeping phishing activities at a distance. 

BIMI record validator is shown to be of massive help for an organization’s deliverability rate. Since it is an effective and powerful tool to gain your potential customer’s trust, you will be able to achieve a better experience for your subscribers that we all must strive to maintain.   

BIMI is technically a DNS record that is responsible for the logo used to represent a company’s brand in an email inbox after being verified by DMARC, DKIM, and SPF. These three systems are crucial to authenticate the sender’s information and work side-by-side with BIMI in order to notify email clients that you (sender) are a legitimate email domain and not trying to scam.

Advantages of BIMI 

Displaying logos in your recipient’s email is not enough, so it is better to authenticate using the policies mentioned. Let’s have a look at the benefits of having this added protection for your email processes.   

  • Ensures Greater Response Percentage 

BIMI extenuates the identification process from end-users which are your subscribers or customers. In addition to this, it is also a perfect device for brand awareness. The response percentage increases immensely by utilizing BIMI and it adds an extra layer of protection from fraudsters and scammers that can ruin your deliverability significantly. 

  • Better Engagement with Audience 

It enables you to experience a better engagement with your subscribers and targeted audience with trust. Successful implementation of this technology will also help in lead generation and more sales in the near future. 

How to Implement BIMI? 

The process of VMC for BIMI implementation is very simple. Follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure flawless implementation. 

  • Existing security and validation process:

This process suggests that you have an email authentication configured accurately before you even implement it. Getting hold of DMARC record with a ‘reject’ policy for a particular domain is expected for BIMI since your email is expected to be safe from phishing and spoofing attempts.  

  • Uploading the company logo:

You have to make sure to upload your company’s logo file that is not exceeding 32kb in the SVG format to the server. Make sure that the logo is square and centered.  


In most cases, the email provider requires VMC (Verified Mark Certificate) which is responsible for validating the logo that is attached to a domain. 

  • Publishing Your BIMI Record 

After your BIMI file is successfully set up, the next step is to publish it to your DNS server. After thoroughly accessing your DNS server, create a TXT record that will be attached to your logo file location. 

  • This is what your record will look like: 

v=BIMI1; l=https://www.example.com/images/logo.svg

  • Test the Working of the BIMI Record 

After the successful installation of the BIMI record, the last step is to test its working. The activation of BIMI can take time and the results can vary depending upon the organization, mail servers, and various other complications.

How does BIMI benefits Email Marketing?

The major objective of BIMI is to make it easy for clients to identify trustworthy and authentic email senders so that they are sure that the content inside the inbox is legitimate. When the subscribers check the email, they can instantly be sure that it is sent from a trusted source. It helps digital marketers expand their reach and engage customers.   


BIMI for email is one of the best ways to improve email security and deliverability. It gives brands an opportunity to display their logos in their client’s inboxes which in return builds trust and brand awareness. GoDMARC is your one-stop shop for the best BIMI services. We provide the comfort of securing your data from phishers with the best GoDMARC pricing and DMARC email security. Talk to our cyber security expert and get an extra layer of protection for your email now!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the minimum level of DMARC implementation required for implementing BIMI? 

Since BIMI needs enforcement p= quarantine is the minimum level required. 

Q2. Is an animated logo allowed for BIMI? 

Animation is not possible with BIMI. 

Q3. May I use any custom selector, or does it have to be “default” as per the BIMI specifications? 

At present, mailboxes are not supporting custom selectors, it should be default._bimi.domain.com. 

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