What is DKIM and Why is it Important for Email?

what is dkim

What makes you think if an email is authentic or not? There are two factors that determine an email’s authenticity. Firstly, it must come from the sender it claims to have come from. Secondly, the content in the mail must not be tampered with during the transmission. 

Earlier it was very simple to differentiate between a fake and authentic email by just visual inspection but with technological advancements, spammers also modified their phishing methods and have gradually developed sophisticated methods to hack into accounts.   

Domain keys identified mail (DKIM) is a simple yet effective way to validate emails reducing fraud attacks. In the old times, how kings would send letters to each other with a stamp, and if the stamp was intact, it meant that the letter hasn’t been tempered. Just like a stamp, in the digitalised era, emails are signed by a DKIM checker. 

What is DKIM? 

DKIM lets email senders attach a digital signature to every email they send that allows recipients to every two of the crucial parameters:

  1. The message has not been tampered with.
  2. It originates from the given domain name. 

DKIM key is known as a digital signature method which verifies if the message sent is actually coming from the exact place from where it suppose to come. With a digital signature attached, it becomes difficult for a scammer to impersonate.   

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Being a technical standard, DKIM selector aids in protecting email senders and recipients from spoofing, phishing, and spam emails. It is considered to be an effective form of email authentication that lets an organization take responsibility for the messages they send to the recipients.  

Generate dkim key for the domain is an effective approach used to verify that an email message was sent from an authorized mail server to efficiently prevent the delivery of harmful emails like spam. 

What is a DKIM Record? 

DKIM record is basically a line of text within the DNS record which consists of a public key that is used to authenticate the DKIM signature. Since spoofing emails from trusted domains is rapidly increasing these days DKIM generator is an effective way to keep spammers away from your email. 

What is a DKIM Record Check? 

Check dkim on the domain can effectively test the domain name and selector for a valid published DKIM record. It helps prevent spammers from impersonating you and sending emails on your behalf. 

What is the Importance of DKIM Service?

Now it is understandable that DKIM services help verify that the email sent from a domain is indeed sent from the claiming party itself. DKIM lookup is also used for determining if the email has been alternated or tampered with, throughout the transmission process. 

There are three prime benefits of DKIM:

  • Rare Chances of Your Email to End up in Spam Folder 

Big players like Microsoft and Google that provide inboxes also use DKIM signatures in order to access the trustworthiness of domains. All the domains that are likely to send well-framed emails do not end up in the spam folders.

  • Improves Delivery Performance 

With the help of DKIM, you can receive impactful feedback about your domain’s email that can help you improve delivery performance in the future. Having thorough insights about your domain lets you stand out from the other domains. 

  • DKIM Allows Recipients to Trust Your Email 

DKIM signature lets your recipient know that your message came from an authentic and legitimate domain. This not just helps gain trust with your recipients but also warns you from falling victim to a phishing attack. 

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DKIM is one of the most reliable initial steps in the email authentication process. It will help your email in the authentication process and will allow your recipients to trust you. In the era of the technologically advanced world where consumer preferences are drastically shifting towards digitalization, it is crucial to maintain a safe online presence for your business. GoDMARC is your one-stop shop for email spoofing protection. DMARC email security keeps your data safe from phishers with our lowest DMARC pricing. Contact our cyber security expert today to get your DMARC plan!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to create or set up DKIM? 

The DKIM signature is generally set up by the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). A unique string of characters is created which is also known as Hash Value. The domain list saves this hash value. Once the recipient receives an email, they can verify the DKIM signature with the help of a public key registered in the DNS.  

Q2. Can I have multiple DKIM records? 

When an organization utilizes several servers only when there is a possibility of having multiple DKIM records included on one single domain. There is a possibility of having DKIM keys being compromised if you want multiple DKIM records set up on one domain.

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