Deploy DMARC to avoid Spammers, Improve Email Deliverability, Gain Visibility


If you’re a business owner, Business user, or Security Analyst, DMARC is for you. In a world where spamming and phishing activities are on the rise, it becomes crucial for businesses to authenticate all the outbound emails so that all the communication from you to your customer becomes legitimate. This is where DMARC assists organizations.

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message authentication, reporting and conformance. It is an email authentication and reporting protocol, where you can authenticate the emails sent from your domain and also make a decision if questions arise on legitimacy.

Let’s list down the 5 most important reasons as to why you should implement DMARC

#1. Safety from Spammers

With the growth of digitisation and the adoption of work from home, countries have also reported a rise in cyberattacks. According to the data by the Indian government, there were about 53,117 cases of cyberattacks in 2017, which grew to 2,08,456 in 2018, 3,94,499 in 2019 and 11,58,208 in 2020. This is where DMARC gives your domain protection from spammers and identity thefts. It allows senders and receivers to share information regarding the emails exchanged. This information, in turn, helps senders modify/improve their authentication protocol. It also helps the domain owner to either reject or put illegitimate emails in the spam folder.

#2. Increased Email Deliverability

If your domain gets spoofed, there are chances that loyal customers of your brand may find legitimate email communication from you in the spam folder. It reduces the chances that a user will open and read those emails. This reduces the brand visibility and any important communication to your customer might be ignored.

Deploying DMARC protects your domain against direct spoofing and improves email deliverability significantly over time. It gives you the utmost clarity on communications delivered to the user’s inbox. This in turn keeps identify thefts far away and helps you regain user’s trust.

#3. DMARC reports for more control

DMARC reports have proven to be helpful in mitigating email errors and give you more control over the emails sent from your domain. These aggregate reports give you insights into the domain used to send a particular message, the IP address of the sender, authentication and DMARC result. All this information can be helpful for you to find out whether the sender is allowed to send an email on its behalf and whether the messages are correctly authenticated or not.

These reports ultimately give you control to make sure that the illegitimate emails don’t reach the inbox of the users.

#4. DMARC forensic reports to the rescue

DMARC forensic incident generates a forensic report. These incidents happen when an outbound email fails SPF or DKIM authentication. These incidents are related to domain spoofing where a sender sends a fraudulent message that seems to be coming from an authentic source.

Forensic reports give you a detailed view of malicious sources attempting to impersonate you, which give you control over preventing such incidents in future.

#5. Improve Domain Reputation

A good domain reputation cannot be purchased, it has to be earned. This reputation is built over time and requires frequent checks. A good domain reputation is a clear indication that your mails are not fraudulent and come from a reliable source. By implementing DMARC you are less likely to be marked as spam or land up in the junk folder.

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